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Earntertainment, defined.

Earn what you deserve with an honest, fun and rewarding entertainment platform.
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  • bitmart
  • consulting partners
  • Chainlink
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  • Binance
  • accubits
  • wave-up
  • chain-lab
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Life is not just about winning. It’s about earning.

We are the first transparent and tokenized ecosystem creating the next gen of raffles and games. Leverage your time recreating to increase your odds of earning life-changing prizes such as digital assets, premium prizes, and memorable experiences.

Life is not just about winning. It’s about earning.


The AIRB token and NFT ticket work hand in hand with our platform and are the heart of its economy. By utilizing this combination, we create a provably fair and inclusive environment and bring value to everybody.

AIRB Token

Used for transactions, staking, and earning multipliers with built-in deflation.

AIRB Ticket

Bulletproof NFT to enter fair raffles and play with minimal fees.

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  • Stake

    Easily and safely stake your tokens to earn rewards up to 240% APY. Participation in our raffles and games is, therefore, almost gratis.

  • Raffle

    Your first dream car. Your first time doing skydiving. Your mom's bucket list trip. Make your dreams come true by playing our next-gen raffles to earn more quality time for you and your loved ones. Walk away with digital assets, such as tokens or NFTs, physical goods, including cars, watches, and electronics, or memorable trips and activities.

  • Tier system

    Everything counts! Play games, enter raffles, invite friends, or actively participate in the community. Earn bonus tiers on all activities to gain higher APY and greater odds of winning the main raffle prize with ticket multipliers.

  • Buybacks

    We achieve sustainability and constant growth with a built-in deflationary mechanism powered by a systematic token-burning process. The token buyback program is an inherent measure to control the circulating supply of AIRB tokens, support staking, and appreciate your tokens value.

  • Games

    Play games with the community, or challenge your mates. We're creating a great selection to satisfy even the most demanding players, ranging from chance-based and arcade games to more sophisticated ones in VR. Moreover, we aim to bridge chains and communities and introduce games in collaboration with not-yet-gamified projects.

  • Transparency

    All the games and raffle mechanics will be decentralized, immutable, and unalterable. Moreover, everything will be provably fair without any edge over the player.



Detailed action plan making us excited for the future of earntertainment.

  • Q3 - 2022

    • BillionAir official website launch
    • Whitepaper and project documentation release
  • Q4 - 2022

    • Start of $AIRB private sale
    • Establishing new partnerships
    • Launchpad onboarding
    • Smart contract audit
  • Q1 - 2023

    • Deployment of the raffle smart contracts
    • Pilot platform launch
    • Beta testing
    • Airdrop
    • Ambassador Influencers Marketing Campaign
  • Q2 - 2023

    • $AIRB presale - IDO
    • Token generation event for $AIRB
    • DEX & CEX listing
    • Official BillionAIR platform launch
    • Phase 1 and 2 raffles launch 
  • Q3 - 2023

    • Phase 3 raffles launch
    • Expanding partnerships for branded games
    • Cross-chain gaming and raffles
    • New BillionAir games each month
    • Mobile app development
    • Improving UX/UI
  • Q4 - 2023

    • Adding new payment options for users
    • Expanding to new geographic regions
    • Enhanced security features implementation
  • Q1 - 2024

    • Becoming a raffle provider for other projects
    • DAO governance forming
    • Building of Metaverse environment
    • Integrate Metaverse and VR games
  • Q2 - 2024

    • Migrate to a fully DAO ecosystem

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Start earning now!

Participate in our token private sale and start earning even before we go public! The IDO will take place during Q1 2023. Until then, join the waitlist or get in touch directly to join us on our journey.

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